New Business Card

Hey Everyone! I have a spiffy new business card that was designed by the talented and handsome Seth Capshaw. Seth is the owner and Head designer for Pagoda T-shirts, a new company that will be up and printing very…

I'm with COCO

 So if you guys are like me you don't want to see Conan O'Brian's show canceled or get jerked around. Just wanted to express my support!


Update 1/8/10 Happy New Year! 

 Hey everybody, 

there are a couple of exciting new things going on so check it out!

1.) I've posted a new song on the website. It's a solo jazz guitar arrangement of one of my favorite songs, "Angel…

New Videos Posted 

Hey Everyone!

check out the videos section of the webside for new videos of me playing some jazz tunes with a couple of very talented people.

you can also find them on youtube!


More new music 

Check out this song too. It features Trevor Galvin on sax!

New Band, New songs 

Hey Everyone,

I'm very excited about this post. lately I have been collaborating with my very talented little sister Sarah on some new songs for a new project we are calling "An Old timepiece."

We spent some…

New Christmas Track 

Hey Everyone!

I just had a great Thanksgiving with my girlfriend and our families. Thanks to everyone that made that possible, and thanks to everyone that's here checking out my website.

I have a new song here to…