New Residency! Back in Norman, OK

Howdy everyone! Well, some of y'all might have heard by now and some of you might have seen me around town but I'd like to officially announce that I have moved back to Norman, Oklahoma! After a year living and loving in Kansas City, and a Summer recording my next album in New Orleans, I have returned to my musical home to continue writing, recording, collaborating and performing with my Okie musical brethren. I make this move with the support of my amazing and loving girlfriend Galadriel who lifts me up and daily helps me find the strength and courage to continue to be a creative force in this world. 

I've added new dates to my calendar so check out those shows. And keep your eyes and ears peeled for songs from my new album that will be released in the not-so-distant future. 

In the meantime, come enjoy the beautiful weather out on the Volare patio with me today, tomorrow, and every Wednesday/Thursday from 3-6 in September. 



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